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Privacy Data privacy advocate submits further evidence in Google ads inquiry

A data privacy advocate has submitted a dossier to the State’s Data Protection Commission outlining further examples of alleged data breaches by Google, which he first raised with the watchdog two ...

Privacy Google Home: Two settings to achieve max smart home privacy

Some things Google Home knows about you are obvious -- what music you like, how bad you are at math -- because those are the things you rely on it for the most. But Google Home knows a lot more...

Privacy Paytm App Removed From Google Play Store: Google Pulls Down Payment App For Repeat Privacy Violations

The reason of pulling down Paytm from Google PlayStore is not yet known. But Google is claiming that the company can't entertain the gambling apps.

Privacy Judge shoots down quick appeal in Google search privacy class action

A California federal judge rejected Google's bid for permission to immediately appeal a June court order that found users have standing to sue in a long-running case accusing the company of ...

Privacy Google faces $3.2 billion lawsuit over use of children's data in U.K.

Alphabet Inc.'s Google undefinedundefined faces a $3.2 billion lawsuit on behalf of more than five million British children under 13 and their parents ...

Privacy Google faces $3.2B lawsuit over claims it violated children’s privacy

A new lawsuit filed in a United Kingdom court alleges that YouTube knowingly violated children's privacy laws in that country and seeks damages in excess of £2.5 billion (about $3.2 billion). A...

Privacy The Best Privacy-Friendly Alternatives to Google Maps

Google Maps is used by more than a billion people every month. And those people send in more than 20 million suggested updates each day. Better directions for you, more data for Google. This story ...

Privacy Google starts rolling out Android 11 update including privacy controls

The updated operating system offers users more control over their privacy settings, such as the ability to grant single use access, not permanent, to apps.

Privacy Android 11 system update from Google adds privacy controls

New privacy controls and a screen-recording tool are among features being added to Android phones in the latest major update to Google's mobile operating system (OS). Android 11 also makes it...

Privacy Patient Data Privacy Lawsuit Against Google, UChicago Dismissed

A federal judge ruled to dismiss a patient data privacy lawsuit filed against UChicago Medicine and Google, over its machine learning project from 2017. The patient failed to share evidence of...

Privacy Google releases Android 11 with new features and privacy enhancements

The latest Android update helps you keep your information private, adds a screen recording tool, and is rolling out starting today.

Privacy Google is releasing Android 11 today, with new features and privacy enhancements

The latest Android update helps you keep your information private, adds a screen recording tool, and is rolling out starting today.

Privacy Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy

The impact will depend on what "significant" means, but advertisers are likely to lose at least some visibility into queries they pay for.

Privacy Google releases data set of search trends for COVID-19 symptoms

Google released a data set of symptom search trends to help researchers study the link between web queries and the spread of COVID-19.

Privacy Surprise! Even Google's engineers don't understand its privacy controls

From their very inception, tech companies haven't been keen on privacy. They've also not been keen on making privacy controls easy. As court documents just revealed.

Privacy Metasearch Engine 'All the Internet' Challenges Search Engine Competitors, Google and Bing, by Delivering a Streamlined and Private Search Experience

All the Internet is a US based and operated search engine that offers a private, customizable alternative to Google and Bing, whose data collection and monopolistic behavior have gotten them into ...

Privacy Hashtag Trending – Google privacy woes; Super-speedy internet; The rise of the CHO

Google employees acknowledge that it’s privacy laws are not so simple at all, researchers say they have achieved the fastest-ever internet speed, ...

Privacy Not just you, even Google employees are confused about its privacy settings; wait, what?

People might find Google’s privacy settings confusing, but what is more worrisome is that even Google employees are confused regarding these settings. This has been revealed by the court documents ...

Privacy Guess Who Is Also Confused By The Google Privacy Settings You And I Have To Deal With: Google Employees

Google employees, just like us, also do not understand or appreciate under what conditions Google collects your location data, for instance.

Privacy Google’s own employees were confused by its privacy controls, lawsuit docs show

A series of newly unsealed lawsuit docs reveal that Google's own employees admitted the company's privacy controls are confusing and not clear enough for users.