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Privacy How to make your Google Calendar private and customize your privacy settings

You can easily make your Google Calendar private by changing its sharing settings on a computer. You can also customize the visibility of events.

Privacy GeekWire Calendar Picks: Space startups, lunar rovers, geeky women, online privacy, and more

Apollo 16 astronaut John Young collects samples near the mission’s lunar rover in 1972. (NASA Photo) — Geeks (and some non-geeks as well) seem to have a never-ending fascination with space. That...

Privacy Exclusive: 1 Billion Google Calendar Users Are One Click Away From Privacy Disaster

On September 9, I reported that Google was finally, more than two years after first being notified of the problem, working on fixing the malicious invites issue for 1 billion users of Google Calendar.

Privacy GeekWire Calendar Picks: Online privacy, networking skills, and game development

Do you like to find a product on Facebook that you likely wouldn’t have known about otherwise? (That cool coding toy made an excellent gift for my daughter.) Likewise, do you get troubled when...