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Ansel Test's PrivacyRight® Policy

All data associated with my Legal Name belongs to me. The following criteria establishes my Right to my Privacy, and attaching a PrivacyRight ® License to it establishes how my Legal Name and any personal data associated to it may be used, tracked, aggregated, and processed.

Cookies and direct click tracking is allowed as clarified by law to determine necessary direct action on the web pages I access for the purpose defined herein. This is limited to:

Social Media My information is provided with significant limits and to it’s access and extended usage except where necessary for continued usage of the site and services. No information is to be used by sites or groups not directly necessary for my usage of them.

Information of non-identifiable nature such as webpage accessibility clicks, internal web page views, characters per minute, general demographics information and other standard analytical or review information may be collected on me to the extent necessary for these services to generate annual user analytics. Internal search collection information may be collected in a limited term capacity (of up to 3 months or the time a service ticket remains open (whichever is longer)) for service improvement and diagnostic usage. Facial structure and recognition algorithms are to be used as individual proprietary information, and when passed, sold, or used by non-proprietary companies are to exclude any and all likenesses of my personally recognizable or identifiable features. Voice prints and speech patterns are expressly forbidden from collection unless sufficient effort is made to contact and receive approval for such data collection.
Personal Data My data is provided for limited use in accordance with access to the website and with reasonable protections to my data.

No personally Identifiable data is to be gathered regarding my person other than the data necessary for access and use of the service requiring it. Cookies browser extensions and webpages I visit are forbidden from maintaining my data for long term usage except where noted for continued use of the service. Social media data of a personally identifiable nature is to be used expressly for the purpose of recognition by potential connections and people who know me. The use of this data for advertising by anyone other than the website it is provided to is limited to group advertising data, targeted advertising is expressly forbidden. Except in cases when anonymization has been used to make the data difficult to identify.
Photos These photos are provided with minimal restrictions to their use when a reasonable effort has been made to make me aware of this use. Use is also prohibited where forbidden by law.

When these photos are provided by myself or others for the intent of personal confirmation or unprotected purposes such as sharing of them over limited media services to friends and family. These photos are still owned by me and the use of my likeness or the likeness of my photo by any group for profit or data aggregation without my awareness of it is expressly forbidden. Some photo tracking, location data, facial recognition, and access is to be permitted to any of these photos except where otherwise forbidden by law.
Gathered Data Data accrued based on my habits is available for use in a highly limited capacity. Not to be extended for data aggregation or sale of personal information based on any content provided intentionally or unintentionally by my devices.

Data gathered by apps regarding usage of my phone is to be deleted when any data there in contains any personally sensitive data of any identifiable nature. In the case of large data amounts with difficulty distinguishing between sensitive and non-sensitive data the companies or organizations here in question are expected to err on side of personal safety and eliminate any and all data that may contain any amount of personal information.
Additional Restrictions Pay me for using my photos.
Submission Date Jan 17, 2018